Thursday, 6 March 2014

Getting plastered!

No, I don't mean getting drunk; this involves PVA glue, DIY powdered plaster filler, emulsion paint and fabric.  Today's lesson at college was based on a technique by textile and mixed media artist Maggie Smith, from County Durham.  Her book on the subject is called "Get Plastered: plaster, paint and stitch".  It's all about creating texture and surface detail on calico fabric, and today we were creating tree bark inspired textures, using various mark making implements in this plaster mixture, on cotton fabric.  This is then painted over with watercolour paint, and has a lovely vintage feel when it's finished.  Needless to say I'm dying to do more of this at home with more fabrics, to include: some old lace, vintage embroidery, and wallpaper samples.  There will be photographs to follow.


  1. Looking forward to seeing those pictures!

  2. Replies
    1. It's great fun. I'm loving this course SO much.

  3. Pleased to hear you are still loving the course. It sounds like you have been doing some interesting pieces at college. Are there pictures of your plaster work?

    1. I am thank you Jane. There will be photos after Thursday's session. It needed to dry.