Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Acrylic painting, quick and dirty.

Last night was my art class, and we had a go at creating a fast seascape painting.  We created a textured base layer by mixing Polyfilla powder into light coloured emulsion paint with added PVA glue to prevent cracking. This mix is very similar to the one used in the textile "Get Plastered" technique.  After painting this mixture onto our paper we added texture by using cling film to lift the wet mixture into peaks, echoing the shape of waves, and created rocks using ready mixed Pollyfilla.  When this was dried we added colour, putting clouds in the sky with our fingers.  My biggest problem was making my clouds look realistic, not like fluffy balls of cotton wool.  I struggle to overcome my instinct to have symmetry, and I'm working on loosening up!

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