Friday, 21 February 2014

A good cup of tea

As any British person will tell you, there's nothing like a good cup of tea to refresh body and soul, and I'm drinking one right now.  My personal preference is Twinnings Earl Grey; when I'm avoiding caffeine I usually opt for Rooibos (aka red bush). 

I'm relaxing with my feet up after my trip to Newcastle, where I had a lovely lunch with Dee. I was surprised by how quiet the City centre was, particularly as it's half term week.  I was expecting hoards of bored teenagers to be thronging the aisles of Primarni, but I didn't even have to queue to pay for my single purchase - an interesting shawl-with-sleeves cum long, loose cardi - that will be perfect for my summer cruise holiday in July. 

And as I sit sipping tea I'm mentally ticking things off my to-do list.  The colour photocopies of my paper weaving have turned out really well, and I'm keen to try a transfer to fabric technique on one in particular that looks like tweed.  I'm also contemplating cutting some of the copies into strips and weaving them together to create a new design - but maybe a trial run using copies from the computer would be best in order to avoid a disaster with the expensive copies.  Decisions, decisions!

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