Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It worked!


I got the eucalyptus leaves from Hardy's florist, and set to work.  The scarf had been soaking in a vinegar solution to mordant it in advance of starting the printing process.  I laid the felted scarf out on my longest studio bench, placed a line of leaves along it, folded it in half lengthwise so that the leaves were covered, and rolled it in a bundle around some plastic pipe.  I secured the rolled bundle with elastic bands and jute twine, then steamed it in (a non-food use) electric steamer for 1 hour.  I removed it, and left it to cool over night.  I unwrapped it today, and you can see the amazing colour that the eucalyptus gives on the wool.


  1. Amazing results Michele, the intensity of the colour is incredible. Does it turn orange because of the vinegar? Bet you can't wait to try more!

    1. I don't think it's the vinegar that turns it orange; it just acts as a mordant as far as I know.